Education for foreigners

Foreign nationals from over 25 countries across the globe study at the Law School.

Foreign nationals study under the following programs:

  • BA;
  • MA;
  • trainee;
  • Postgraduate;
  • intern (training for holders of higher education degrees);
  • PhD.

At the Law School foreign students study together with Russian nationals.

Classes are taught in Russian. As part of the “jurisprudence” course the Law School offers three academic areas of specialization: state-legal (the Departments of Administrative and Financial law, History of State and Law, Constitutional and Municipal law, International law, Theory of the State and Law, and Political Science); civil law (the Departments of Civil law, Civil procedure, Commercial law and the Foundations of law, Business law, Labor law, Environmental and Land law); criminal law (the Departments of Criminology, Criminal law and Criminology, Criminal procedure, Justice and Prosecutorial oversight).

Foreign nationals have the opportunity to enroll into the BA and MA courses. When enrolling into the BA courses students do not choose a specialization. Foreign citizens enrolled into the MA courses choose one of the existing MA programs.

During their course students complete academic and practical internships with various courts, governmental authorities and state administration bodies, as well as in other public institutions. In order to write a thesis students are required to complete an internship.

The duration of the BA courses is 4 years and the MA courses - 2 years. Having completed a BA course students are awarded with a diploma and a Bachelor of Jurisprudence degree. The MA courses are open to those who have basic legal degree at the Bachelor level. Upon completion of the course graduates receive a diploma and are awarded with the Master of Jurisprudence degree.

The Law School also offers a form of exchange studies for foreign students (internships) for a period from 5 to 10 months according to an individual plan; having completed these studies a student is awarded with a certificate confirming that certain classes have been taken and exams and tests passed.

For foreign students having a Specialist Diploma or an MA degree the Law School offers Postgraduate degrees. The length of a full-time course is 3 years, of a part-time course – 4 years. The course requires postgrads to pass qualifying examinations (foreign language, philosophy, specialization), publish no less than two articles related to the topic of their thesis, as well as write and defend a thesis.

For advanced vocational training the Law School of Moscow State University offers internships for foreign citizens from 1 to 12 months in any of the specialization areas. Foreign citizens who are holders of Postgraduate degrees in Law are offered PhD courses from two to three years.