International Law Chair

Chairholder: Assoc. Prof. Alexei S. Ispolinov

Teaching activity

Course of study

International public law

Special courses, special workshops

  • Most topical issues of international legal personality
  • The World Trade Organization: matters of theory and practice
  • Institutes and law of the European Union
  • International aviation law
  • International law of the sea
  • International litigation
  • Law of international treaties
  • Succession in international law
  • International courts and tribunals (optional)
  • International legal regulation of foreign investments (optional)


Key areas of research

  • Theory of international law
  • Law of international treaties
  • Law of international organizations
  • International aviation law
  • International law of the sea
  • Law of the WTO
  • Law of the EU
  • International personality
  • Law of armed conflicts (international humanitarian law)
  • International legal cooperation in fighting crime
  • Activities of international judicial institutions

Textbooks prepared by the chair staff, commentaries, document compilations

  • International Law (2005)
  • The Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties: A Commentary (1997)
  • A compilation of documents in international law (2000)