Forensic Science Law

Chairholder: Prof. Igor V. Aleksandrov

Teaching activity

Academic subjects areas

  • Forensic science
  • Forensic pathology
  • Forensic psychology
  • Forensic psychiatry
  • Computer science and cybernetics in law

Special courses, special workshops

  • Forensic research, identification, proof-finding (V.Ya. Koldin);
  • Theory, methodology and practice of forensic studies (V.Ya. Koldin);
  • Most topical issues of forensic investigation (I.O. Perepechina);
  • Issues of forensic document processing (D.P. Potashnik);
  • Search for, identification and expert establishment of human identity using appearance markers (Z.G. Samoshina);
  • Crime scene investigation (E.E. Tsentrov);
  • Forensic doctrine on the victim (E.E. Tsentrov);
  • Interrogation techniques (E.E. Tsentrov, M.A. Lushechkina);
  • Planning and organizational issues of the investigation (N.P. Yablokov);
  • Forensic means and methods to combat organized crime (N.P. Yablokov);
  • Forensic personality research (M.A. Lushechkina);
  • Forensic cybernetics (A.V. Tkachev);
  • A methodology of investigating tax crimes (A.I. Sotov);
  • Criminal records (fingerprinting). Automated systems used for keeping criminal records (A.A. Dzhumanbetova)


Priority line of research of the chair faculty is the use of forensic science in various domains of law enforcement.