Litigation Chair

Chairholder: Prof. Mikhail K. Treushnikov

Teaching activity

Academic subjects areas

  • Litigation
  • Arbitration

Special courses

For students specializing at the Litigation Chair, the staff gives the following special courses:

  • Special aspects of procedure in the hearing and settlement of individual types of civil cases
  • Roman litigation (Assoc. Prof. E.V. Salogubova)
  • Proof and evidence (Prof. V.V. Molchanov)
  • Litigation in foreign countries (Prof. E.V. Kudryavtseva)
  • Examination of court decrees (Prof. E.A. Borisova)
  • Most topical issues of civil law of procedure (Prof. V.M. Zhuykov)
  • Enforcement proceedings (Assoc. Prof. D.Ya. Maleshin)
  • Special proceedings (Assoc. Prof. V.V. Argunov)

An interdepartmental course in litigation is given by Prof. V.M. Sherstyuk and Assoc. Prof. T.K. Andreyeva.


Key areas of research

  • Subject matter and system of the branch and science of the law of civil procedure
  • Methods and forms of recourse
  • Principles of the law of civil and arbitral procedure
  • Civil procedural relations
  • Subject matter jurisdiction and court jurisdiction of civil cases
  • Subjects of civil procedure
  • Legal representation
  • Responsibility and liability in civil procedure
  • Lawsuit as a remedy. The concept and elements of a lawsuit, types of lawsuits
  • Preparing a case for trial
  • Proof and evidence
  • Trial
  • Court ruling
  • Special aspects of the hearing of individual types of civil cases
  • Judicial proceedings in cases arising out of public legal relationships
  • Special proceedings
  • Examination of court orders in civil cases
  • Appeal and cassation proceedings
  • Review of court orders in the exercise of supervisory functions
  • Enforcement proceeding
  • Non-judicial remedies
  • Notary services in the Russian Federation
  • Litigation abroad