International relations


The key goals of the international activities of the Law School of Moscow State University are the following:
- ensuring the transformation of M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University and its Law School into one of the most reputable academic centers in the world of modern research and among global educational clusters, providing leadership of the Russian Federation in the field of education, research and technology;
- providing the participation of our Law School in the formation of international intellectual and humanitarian standards, particularly in the legal sphere;
- establishing consistent and wide-ranging international partnerships for the Law School of Moscow State University within the framework of expanding the influence of the Russian education, science and culture worldwide.

In order to achieve its goals of international cooperation, the Law School fully develops various forms of interaction with foreign law schools as well as with research and training institutions, international governmental and non-governmental structures, state bodies and public associations on the issues of education and the development of legal science and practice, as well as enforcement activities on a bilateral and multilateral basis; examines and disseminates the experience of foreign law schools and the experience of other countries and international organizations in the field of education, science and law; creates the most attractive conditions at the Law School for foreign students and lecturers; constantly improves the organization of the educational process for foreign nationals and contributes to the expansion of their admission to the Law School.

One of the most important principles of our cooperation with foreign partners is the principle of reciprocity. It provides that agreements with partner institutions establish the procedure, which – regarding student exchange – is put into practice by sending to each other roughly the same number of lecturers, students or post-graduate students for the same period of time and on similar financial terms.

The Law School regularly welcomes delegations of lawyers consisting of practitioners and lecturers of law schools from abroad. As part of these meetings an exchange of experience and views on topical issues related to the development of legal education, jurisprudence and the organization of the activities of legal professionals and legal institutions takes place, areas of cooperation are defined and various events are planned. For example, in 2015 the Law School was visited by delegations from Vietnam, the United States, France, China, Argentina, South Korea, Germany, Britain, Austria and a number of other countries – a total of 19 official delegations.

At present, the Law School takes part in cooperation programs with higher education institutions in 22 countries on the basis of 58 interuniversity and interdepartmental cooperation agreements.

At the same time, the Law School particularly appreciates and nourishes its relationship with those universities and law schools who manifest a stable interest in such exchanges. The Law School of Moscow State University has a warm and fruitful long-term relationship with the Paris Lodron University (Salzburg, Republic of Austria); the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University (Skopje, Republic of Macedonia); Loyola University (New Orleans, United States of America); the University of Regensburg (Federal Republic of Germany).

The Law School pays special attention to the development of mass academic student exchanges with foreign universities, in the form of exchange studies, practical training and summer schools.

Participants of these summer schools are students, post-graduate students, lecturers and staff. The aim of summer schools is to introduce the participants to the state law of the home country of the receiving institution, to the practical enforcement activities and the teaching system, as well as joint consideration of various current issues in the form of seminars, etc., improving foreign language skills and acquiring communication skills. Summer schools exchange programs provide that the sending party covers the travel costs of its participants to their destination, while the receiving party covers the cost of welcoming them as well as of the accommodation and the organization of classes. The dates and order in which the universities receive such participants are set in annual agreements.

At present the Law School of Moscow State University regularly organizes summer schools at the following universities: Paris Lodron University in Salzburg (Austria); Loyola University in New Orleans (USA) that includes holding part of the events in the city of Washington and in New-York City; the University of Regensburg (Germany); the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje (Republic of Macedonia).

Exchange of students and post-graduate students within the framework of exchange education programs is carried out for a specified period of time (one semester or a year) for studying, writing a thesis or a dissertation, as well as for undergoing training that enables students to familiarize themselves with various professional activities as well as to select materials for studies and research. The terms of exchange studies provide for partner universities to recognize the disciplines studied by students at another university that correspond to the ones included in the curriculum of their home university in the corresponding semester upon the provision of the relevant documents. In 2016, more than 30 Law School students took advantage of such opportunities. Accordingly, the Law School of Moscow State University welcomed more than 20 students of foreign partner universities during this period of time.

For more than 15 years the Law School has been running a school of German language and German law on the basis of cooperation program with the University of Regensburg with the support of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for the students in their 2nd and 3rd years of studies enrolled in an undergraduate program at the Law School of Moscow State University. The purpose of the establishment and activities of the School of German law is to provide Russian students the possibility to enhance their knowledge of the German language, acquire the basic knowledge of the German law and prepare them for a stay in Germany in order to study and conduct research projects as well as for professional activities in Germany or in cooperation with German colleagues. The enrollment to the School of German law is carried out in the form of an interview in German once every 2 years, conducted by the Law School teachers and is open to students of the Law School of Moscow State University in their 2nd or 3rd years of studies in an undergraduate program.

The curriculum of the School of German law covers the basics of the following areas of law: constitutional law, administrative law, public international and European law in relation to German law; criminal law, civil law (private international law and civil procedural law); business (commercial law), legal rights of entities established on the basis of private law and labor law.

Classes and exams on the basics of German law are carried out by German teachers and in German only, as extra-curriculum activities. Classes of German language are taught by teachers of the Law School of Moscow State University. Studying at the School of German law is free of charge for students of the Law School of MSU.

Upon completion of studies at the School of German law, students who successfully pass the exams in all disciplines included in the curriculum receive a Graduation Certificate from the School of German law, issued by the Law School of the University of Regensburg, which grants the right to continue their studies in the MA programs at the University of Regensburg. The School of German law also offers the possibility to enroll into the summer school in Regensburg after the first year of studies.

During a long period of time the Law School has run a partnership program with the US Rotary Club (the patron of the program was Sidney Brooks, judge on the United States bankruptcy court), under which every year a post-graduate student of the Law School of MSU was awarded with a scholarship to undertake a year-long placement at the University of Denver, USA.

The Law School of Moscow State University participates in the activities of the European association of Law Schools, the Southeastern Association of Law Schools in the USA and many international educational, academic and student events as well as international cooperation programs on the basis of multilateral agreements. Students of the Law School regularly participate in various international academic and training competitions.

Foreign partners of the Law School of Moscow State University are regular participants in the traditional yearly international conferences organized by the School, in which representatives of the leading Russian and foreign universities take part: “Lomonosov Readings”, academic and research conferences held by the Law School together with the Russian Academy of Legal Sciences, as well as conferences organized by individual departments.

Today it’s become regular practice to invite foreign professors to give series of lectures as part of the Law School’s curriculum.