History of law faculty

Mikhail Lomonosov

The Law School of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University has inherited the oldest traditions of Russian classical education, science and culture.

Alongside the Medical School and the Philosophy School, the Law School has existed from the origins, since the very foundation of Imperial Moscow University established on January 25, 1755 in accordance with the Edict of Her Imperial Majesty Empress Elizabeth.

Every year, the university celebrates that date, which is also known as the St. Tatiana Day. Moreover, January 25 is observed as the nationwide Russian Students’ Day.

The university was conceived as a center of enlightenment. Its mission, according to the precepts of Peter the Great, was to educate a sufficient number of “national worthy people,” who would be able to teach sciences, “from which superstition, dissent and such like heresies arising from ignorance would extirpate themselves even amongst remote common people.”


Emperor Peter the Great


Above all, it was the Law School that was tasked with that mission. The edict proclaiming the University’s foundation expressed hope for young people, duly brought up and properly instructed, to become fit for public service and for the promotion of the prestige of their fatherland. The Moscow University Law School saw outstanding professors shine within its walls, laying the foundations for the development of Russian law and statehood.


Empress Elizabeth

Count Ivan Shuvalov